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Using zc.buildout
to build
a site factory



Encolpe DEGOUTE, Bearstech




Customer stories

Your Skel is driven by customer needs

  1. Ingeniweb
  2. Education group with one site by formation
  3. ENS de Lyon (UNIS service) with offical and projects sites


Education Group

One Virtual Machine for each site

Education Group

All is managed from zc.buildout

Education Group

After 3 years we need to be more flexible

ENS de Lyon - UNIS

Shared hosting

ENS de Lyon - UNIS

After 2 years

Then what are our use cases?

Zopeskel or templeet

See tomorrow conf on Templeet at 11h45

zopeskel.unis What do we use to make this generic?


zopeskel.unis profiles

zopeskel.unis profiles/etc

zopeskel.unis profiles/modules

Let me show you

What next?

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